We love South Africa and Namibia

For almost two decades, southern Africa has become our second home. We love the silence and solitude of the Namib Desert or the very green and multifaceted Caprivi, as well as the lively and colorful hustle and bustle of Cape Town.

And we especially love the food of this region: the most delicious and perfectly grilled game meat, the wine grown directly in South Africa and the freshest fish you can get.

We would recommend, to visit those very different but yet very same countries of the southern Africa.


Johnny Hexburg Chili Sauces are one of the best that South Africa has to offer

We brought a culinary highlight from South Africa to Germany and invite you to follow and experience that adventure with us.

How did this all happen?

It was a great and lucky coincidence.

Every time we stay in Cape Town, we let the locals guide us through their city and each time we discover something new. At the beginning of 2020,we did that kind of city tour and we got to experince the wonderful world of the local markets: bright colors, grilled food, aromas of exotic spices, music playing everywhere and not to forget all the friendly and happy people.

At the Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay we tasted specialties from the South African manufacturer, Johnny Hexburg: chocolate, jams and above all, incredibly delicious chilli sauces, sometimes sweet and hot, sometimes minty and fresh, sometimes hot and spicy. Each of them is unique in its texture, all aromatic and exciting in taste. We started a conversation with Marihett, who was selling these delicacies at the market. She and her family have been composing the unique sauces in their small family business near Cape Town since 2016. They grow chili peppers, spices and herbs on their own farm. With their chilli sauces they capture the aroma and the authentic taste of South Africa.

Johnny Hexburg, Chili Sauces with a story

In order to guarantee the outstanding quality of their chilli sauces, Marihett only produces small quantities. They cook the sauces, fill them by hand and decorate the bottles with original labels.
Her little son also has his share in the success story of their chili sauces. Since he could speak, Johnny Hexburg – his very own fantasy figure – was a constant companion of the family. When playing, fishing, doing handicrafts, anytime and anywhere. When asked where the name came from, he replied that he invented it.

A Life without Johnny Hexburg became Unimaginable

Life without Johnny Hexburg was unimaginable, and at the same time the name was made unique. Hot sauces that are now conjuring the enjoyment and lifestyle of South Africa on the table in Germany and Europe.

Your family Leonowicz and Schulz